Meeting for the analysis of the Focus Groups and the Italian MEIC Strategic Plan

19 July 2019

LIMEproject in action!

The strategic plan for the implementation of the MEIC

On 15 July last, a meeting was held at the Youth Centre and School of Art Matemù dedicated to the presentation of the first results of the analysis of the focus groups and interviews, carried out by the Free University Maria Santissima Assunta- LUMSA, within the framework of the LIME project.

The purpose of the meeting was to present the good practices and difficulties that emerged regarding policies and strategies for the integration of migrants and to explore ways of activating the “Migrant Economic Integration Cluster” with civil society actors, associations, NGOs, Third Sector Organizations and Institutions engaged in the socio-economic integration of the migrants on the territory of Rome and Lazio Region.

In addition, in collaboration with CIES onlus, CNOS-FAP and Conf Cooperative-Roma, the “Italian MEIC strategic plan” was presented during the meeting.
As emerged from the results of the analysis, the cluster network appears as an innovative tool able to encourage the cohesion and responsibility of public, private and third sector actors who decide to collaborate in a system of reciprocity in which resources, skills and risks are shared for the realization of a multidimensional project from which benefits the community as a whole.

The meeting, which also had the purpose of starting a shared reflection on the systemic logic of networking and the subsequent operational phase of MEIC, in addition to representatives of Cies Onlus and Cnos Fap, was attended by 3 representatives of the realities of the territory: Cooperativa Armandilla, Civico Zero and A Buon Diritto.

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