What is happening in the Pilot Action in Rome?

14 December 2020

In Rome and in Madrid, the partners of the LIME consortium that operates on the ground, are working to improve the youth employability and the social and labour skills that are necessary to achieve a quality job insertion. How are they doing so? Let us show you!

In Rome, our partner CNOS-FAP implemented two types of activities. On the one hand, the design and implementation of customised work schemes, on the other hand, the development of professional and profiled paths for learning Italian at A2 level. 

The two main areas of training and tutoring were the restaurant sector and the car and electrical engineering sector. 

Before starting the courses, the respective teachers conducted telematic interviews to understand the degree of knowledge and competence of the subjects covered by the professional laboratories. The aptitudes and preferences of the individual participants were also taken into account, and the teachers were open and flexible in teaching them specific skills in the fields they were interested in!

The cookery/pastry course took place in July 2020 at CFP Borgo Ragazzi Don Bosco, while the car mechanics and electrical engineering course took place in September/October 2020 at CFP “Teresa Gerini”. Both courses lasted 40 hours, to which were added 10 hours of language training on the technical vocabulary of the catering and mechanics sectors. 

At the end of the course, the participants also had to pass a theoretical and practical examination!


We hope that this update on our pilot projects will be of interest to you! 

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