Newsletter #3

LIME Newsletter
Issue #3 - June 2020

Dear readers,

Here we are! Welcome to the third e-newsletter of the LIME (Labour Integration for Migrants' Employment) project. The Consortium of LIME keeps working to ensure a swift and successful integration of young migrants’ people in the labour market. Would you like to know how?

Take then a look at this newsletter and find out how LIME activities are proceeding and what the Consortium is up to!

Enjoy your reading,
The LIME consortium

"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the future."
This sentence by C. S. Lewis expresses the essence of our LIME project which sees the collaboration of a varied group of motivated and experienced Italian and Spanish partners.
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What are the next steps?

Meanwhile the two pilot actions in Spain and Italy were carrying on successfully, thus allowing the boys and girls involved by the LIME project to participate in workshops, seminars and training sessions, on 24 and 25 February 2020 the second coordination meeting of the project took place in Rome! On that occasion, the LIME Consortium had the chance to discuss and assess what has been achieved so far as well as to carefully plan future activities.

Unfortunately, due to the spread of COVID19 in Europe, partners were forced to stop some activities on site. Nevertheless, the LIME partners do not give up and the LIME project goes ahead! As a matter of fact, the Consortium promptly rescheduled workshops, seminars, and coaching programs online!

In this context, partners are also looking forward to starting the Capacity Building Workshops in Madrid, Rome, and Strasbourg as soon as possible.


Founded in 2001, the Federación de Plataformas Sociales Pinardi is a Spanish non-profit organization firmly committed to fostering a holistic and comprehensive education to vulnerable children, teenagers and youngsters at risk of social exclusion.

Having today 9 centres spread throughout Madrid Community and Castilla La Mancha and a qualified staff composed of around 250 workers and over 40 volunteers, Pinardi can boast a strong and long-lasting engagement in supporting a fairer and more inclusive society.

In this sense, by conceiving education as the fundamental tool to ensure both the individuals’ personal development as well as a social and labour integration, Pinardi carries out a variety of services. For instance, vocational guidance and counselling for youth and adults, alternative educational paths for early school leaving prevention, literacy, and Spanish courses for young asylum seekers, among others.

What is the added value of PINARDI?

  • The belief that education is a fundamental right and, as such, it must be accessible and affordable to everyone.
  • A real and concrete commitment based on the trust that a fairer and more inclusive society is achievable.
  • A strong rejection to any form of discrimination and intolerence based on race, disability, ethnicity, origin, political belief, and many other grounds.
  • A delved experience in promoting migrant’s social inclusion as well as in developing ad hoc projects to ensure migrant’s full and sustainable integration.
  • The development of an innovative and holistic approach to tackle the diverse and real problems of vulnerable groups to facilitate their integration and personal and professional development.
  • A person-centered methodology based on individual accompaniment as a central axis to facilitate and support vulnerable groups’ path.
Find out more about our project in the media channels LIME Project and follow our actions for the social and working integration of migrants!
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The Italian pilot project continues!

6 April 2020
The girls and boys who are participating in the training courses of the pilot project in Rome do not stand still despite the COVID-19 emergency. Most of the activities continue online and the participants of the LIME project are learning and attending the training program remotely, because our work is not finished yet.
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The Community of Interests of the LIME project

23 March 2020
The LIME Consortium commits itself to foster the involvement of stakeholders in the project activities and to guarantee the sustainability of the results through the creation of a Community of Interest (CoI). Join our Community!
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The LIME project ONLINE!

19 March 2020
Due to the current situation caused by COVID19 and the recommendations of the Community of Madrid to limit the spread of the disease, the direct intervention of Pinardi, Federación de Plataformas Sociales Salesianas and Asociación Guaraní centers has been cancelled…but we don’t stop here! Indeed, we have taken steps to follow the project in the best possible way, how? Find it out!
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The Second Coordination Meeting – The LIME Partner in Rome!

10 March 2020
The Seven partners of the LIME project (Labour Integration for Migrants Employment) from Italy, France and Spain met in Rome on 24 and 25 February for the Second Coordination Meeting to examine and discuss together the results achieved so far and the planning of future activities.
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Third Group of PEP Refuge

18 February 2020
In mid-February, the third group of young applicants for international protection of “First Professional Experience Refugee” of Pinardi, Federación de Plataformas Sociales Salesianas and Asociación Guaraní, began in Madrid.
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Get inspired!

Due to COVID19, humanity as a whole is facing one of the most serious and uncertain crises in the past 75-years. Although at different scales, the current health crisis is negatively affecting everyone’s life. Simply, we are all concerned. As Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations, claimed: “this is, above all, a human crisis that calls for solidarity” (UN COVID19 Response)

In the past few weeks, we have all witnessed the spread of the COVID-19 across Europe, where an incredibly high number of people have contracted the virus. In this #StayAtHome period, we clearly have in mind all those who do not have a house: the poor, the homeless, migrants and refugees. With the fundamental idea to #LeaveNobodyBehind, we sustain the campaigns of MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERS (MSF) GREECE to bring support in particular to refugees in the Greek Islands and give them the possibility to receive medical support, especially in this moment.

In the same vein, also Spain has been heavily affected by the outbreak of COVID19. In order to support families who are facing economic difficulties and to provide them with basic needs, the partner PINARDI launched a crowdfunding campaign that needs to be supported as well. To donate: "Necesidades Básicas" para la infancia y sus familias en emergencia social por COVID-19.
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This newsletter has been produced with the financial assistance of the European Union thanks to the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of DG Home. The contents of the newsletter are the sole responsibility of the LIME Consortium and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Union.
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