Newsletter #4

LIME Newsletter
Issue #4 - August 2020

Dear readers,

Welcome to the fourth e-newsletter of the LIME (Labour Integration for Migrants' Employment) project. Our mission to promote a swift integration of young Third-Country Nationals in the labour market is moving forward successfully! We are very enthusiastic about our latest achievements.

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Enjoy your reading,
The LIME consortium

"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the future."
This sentence by C. S. Lewis expresses the essence of our LIME project which sees the collaboration of a varied group of motivated and experienced Italian and Spanish partners.
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What are the next steps?

Although the outbreak of the COVID-19 health emergency in Europe has forced the Consortium to reschedule LIME’s activities online, partners did not lose their enthusiasm! On the contrary, in order to keep the project interactive as much as possible during the lockdown, the Consortium asked some of the participants involved by the projects to make a video - available on the LIME’s social network - telling how they were spending their time at home. This was a great way to share emotions and keep constantly updated! On this same page, partners are currently carrying out interviews with those participating in the project to know more about their personal and professional path as well as to receive their feedback on the project. Moreover, ALDA is conducting interviews with educators of the LIME Project who are directly engaged with the participants during workshops and classes in order to reflect on their experiences in the program and to receive their feedback. The highlights of these interviews have been summarized in several press releases available on the project’s website, and they will also be collected in a final video that will be available soon.

During these last weeks, the Consortium has been working on the organisation of the national Capacity Building Workshops (CBWs).

As a quick recap, the CBWs mainly addressed socio-economic key actors at national and international level with the aim to replicate the MEIC methodology at the local level all over Europe. The three national CBWs will finally take place respectively in October 2020 in Madrid, in December 2020 in Strasbourg and in January 2021 in Rome. As a follow up, an interactive webinar will be arranged in February 2021 to gather stakeholders’ feedback on the MEIC methodology and to discuss the contents of the MEIC kit containing tools and guidelines for the set-up of other cluster initiatives.

What's LUMSA - Libera Università Maria Ss. Assunta?

LUMSA University was founded in Rome in 1939 and it is characterized by its openness to the idea of universal human citizenship. LUMSA is a highly ranked Italian University, with over 7,000 students (10% international) and 500 staff. It offers B.A. and M.A degree programs in law, business administration, economics, education and communication, psychology. LUMSA awards PhD degrees in social policy, law, psychology, education and economics.

All training programs, including PhD, are open to international students. LUMSA has signed more than 160 bilateral agreements worldwide (Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa). In 2017, LUMSA has 13 currently running projects funded by the EU, including H2020, COST, AMIF, and Jean Monnet. It has been awarded by the European Commission with two Excellence Labels: ECTS and DS (Diploma Supplement) Label. LUMSA is the owner of its premises and research facilities.

LUMSA promotes and supports basic and interdisciplinary research through the University Centre for Research and Internationalization and the Ethics Committee for Scientific Research whose remit is to evaluate and advise on research proposals submitted by scholars working at LUMSA. These centres support research, seminars and conferences in conjunction with Italian and international colleagues from the most prestigious universities in the world.

LUMSA is a member of the Agency for the Promotion of European Research, part of the EURAXESS network- Researchers in Motion - and Eduroam (Education Roaming). In the context of LIME, LUMSA is the coordinator of scientific research and it contributes to the project by analysing and assessing the system of local clustering for fostering migrants’ integration in the labour market and by defining the MEIC methodology.

What is the added value of LUMSA - Libera Università Maria Ss. Assunta?

  • The belief that professionalism, growth, development, employment and research are fundamental principles.
  • A long-standing expertise in promoting and supporting basic and interdisciplinary research.
  • The understanding that innovative scientific research is at the core of the positive development of the common good.
  • A well-known international profile and a lasting cooperation with Italian and international colleagues from the most prestigious universities in the world.
  • An extensive experience and a strong academic expertise in Law, Social Science and related fields.
Find out more about our project in the media channels LIME Project and follow our actions for the social and working integration of migrants!
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#LIMEstories – MEET NADA, she joined the entrepreneurship path of the LIME Project and now she is ready to start her own business!

17 August 2020
Nada is a 31-year old Yemeni girl, who has moved to Italy with her mom, almost four years ago. She has recently joined the entrepreneurship path of the LIME Pilot Action implemented by CIES Onlus, in Rome. In a very interesting conversation with Nada, we have learnt more about her life and her experience in the program which has led her to be ready to start her own business soon!
To learn more

#LIMEstories – MEET FRANK: from Nigeria to Italy, he managed to change his life for the better!

11 August 2020
Frank Ugiagb is a 23 year-old Nigerian young man who has taken a life changing decision to leave his country and move to Italy three years ago. He has joined LIME’s Professional Training Course for the catering sector, implemented by CIES onlus, in Rome, and has recently started an internship.
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#LIMEstories – MEET MICHAEL, an enthusiastic and motivated participant of the LIME Project!

5 August 2020
Micheal is one of the participants of the LIME Project Pilot Action, implemented by Pinardi, in Spain. His journey started when he decided to move from Africa to Andalusia, where life has not been easy for him, so he decided to move again to Madrid one year ago, and since then “life has been so good”!
ALDA’s team had an interesting conversation with Michael, during which we have learnt more about his life and his experience in the program.
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LIME participants pass the final exam of the Professional Training Course for the catering sector

24 July 2020
On 22nd July the LIME project’s Catering group passed the final exam of the Professional Training Course for the catering sector held at the “Borgo Ragazzi Don Bosco” Professional Training Centre.
The participants, under the guidance of chef Antonelli, brilliantly practiced their skills in the creation of a complete Italian cuisine menu, each according to their own creativity and inspiration and the results were amazing!
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ALDA meets LIME Participants!

17 July 2020
On 6th-7th July 2020, ALDA conducted interviews with several beneficiaries of the project from Italy and Spain. The interviews aimed to reflect on the experiences of the beneficiaries of the project and to depict their journey throughout the program.
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The first meeting between the MEIC members was a success!

4 June 2020
Taking into consideration the COVID19 health emergency in Italy, the meeting between the future members of the Italian MEIC could not take place on site. However, the LIME Consortium did not give up and set up the meeting online. In this regard, the partners CIES Onlus and LUMSA University promoted a webinar – “Active participation within the network and collaborative approach to solving complex problems” – that involved the future MEIC members in a stimulating discussion and a fruitful exchange of views.
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Get inspired!

Each year, on June 20, falls the World Refugee Day, an international day designated by the United Nations to raise awareness of the situation of forcibly displaced people around the world. The World Refugee Day was held globally for the first time in 2001 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, this year the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, published a ‘Policy Brief on COVID-19 and People on the Move’. On that occasion, Mr. Antonio Guterres claimed that: “This year, the COVID-19 pandemic poses an additional threat to refugees and displaced people, who are among the most vulnerable. My recent Policy Brief on COVID-19 and People on the Move called on governments to ensure that they are included in all response and recovery efforts”.

Refugee4Refugees (R4R) is a non-governmental organization at the front line of the humanitarian crisis in the Aegean Islands, Greece. To date, almost 20,000 refugees reside in Moria camp and just under 8,000 in Vathi, Samos. In order to survive the COVID-19 health emergency and minimize contagion risks, R4R is currently building an emergency medical shelter in the camps. To support their work on the field, you can donate here: Support R4R's COVID 19 Emergency Response organized by Sophie Heywood.

Migrant workers played a crucial role in contributing to Europe's coronavirus response. Did you know it? A recent analysis carried out by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission sheds light on the substantial contribution of migrant workers to keep basic services running in the Union during the COVID19 pandemic. To read the JRC Study, click here: Immigrant Key Workers: Their Contribution to Europe's COVID-19 Response | Knowledge for policy.
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