Newsletter #5

LIME Newsletter
Issue #5 - October 2020

Dear readers,

Welcome to the fifth e-newsletter of the LIME (Labour Integration for Migrants’ Employment) project. Months go by and the partners of the Consortium continue to work towards a more inclusive society. We are excited to bring you news on our activities!

Keep scrolling to stay updated on the ways the LIME project is moving forward to promote the integration of young Third-Country Nationals in the labour market!

Enjoy your reading!
The LIME Consortium

"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the future."
This sentence by C. S. Lewis expresses the essence of our LIME project which sees the collaboration of a varied group of motivated and experienced Italian and Spanish partners.
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What are the next steps?

The Capacity Building Workshops are meant to be national and international gathering of socio-economic key actors with the aim of elaborating ways to spread and replicate the MEIC (Migrants Economic Integration Cluster) model at the local level all over Europe thanks to synergies among private and public actors and stakeholders.

Given the significance of CBWs for the aim of our project, we are happy to tell you that they are scheduled to take place in the following places and dates: Strasbourg the 21st of January 2021, Madrid the 4th of February 2021, Rome the 25th February 2021 and Brussels the 24/25th March 2021.

However, given the current situation, it is likely that all the workshops will be held online, based on a participatory approach. We really hope that this news could make you enthusiastic as we are despite the difficulties we have gone through!

Nevertheless, this update is not the only thing we wish will make you happy. In fact, during this couple of months, ALDA continued conducting interviews with participants and educators taking part in the LIME Project. The result, of which you will find the links below, is a series of articles on the inspiring stories that young migrants and people working with them have told us.

We sincerely invite you to read them to see how much the LIME project has been able to change their lives and to discover their dreams and ambitions. They have also given us several suggestions on how to continue our work in the project, so do not miss them!

We are also starting to work on a video that will put together the highlights of the interviews so that you all will be able to meet virtually this fantastic group of people we had the honour of chatting with.

Finally, in the next few weeks we will be sending a questionnaire to all the actors that joined the Community of Interest of the LIME project. With this we wish to involve them in contributing to the elaboration of the MEIC model. We hope that in the next issue of the newsletter you will be able to read some of their most inspiring best practices and get to know the partners of the Community of Interest better.

What is Asociación Guaraní?

Asociación Guaraní de Cooperación Paraguay-España is a Spanish association which aims at contributing to the transformation of society and improving people’s lives. This is why their actions are concentrated on three main fields: immigration and integration, all groups at risk of social exclusion, and gender equality.

With the motto “Calidad, calidez”, “Quality, warmth”, the Guaraní Association is made up of a team of volunteers and professionals with different backgrounds ranging from lawyers, psychologists, social workers and intercultural mediators to teachers, researchers, health professionals and biologists. They have one key thing in common: they work according to a humanistic perspective because they believe that an individual is the actor and protagonist of the change in society they fight for.

In the last 3 years the Guaraní Association has started its development thanks and through different European initiatives and in a short time it has managed to exchange experiences, good practices and acquire new knowledge together with other entities from several EU countries such as Italy, Greece, Germany, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Belgium, France, Austria and the UK. Based on this experience, the Guaraní association is currently working on several projects within the framework of the AMIF, Europe for Citizens, Erasmus+ and Fundamental Rights programmes.

The projects they follow aim at promoting the integration of migrants in all the sectors believing this is a bilateral process between the migrants and the whole society and its institutions. This is why they work towards a global focus of the integration focus by looking at it according to the principles of equality, citizenship, interculturality, mutual exchange and interdependence. They aim as well as giving assistance and services to all kinds of people at risk of social exclusion so as to promote their socio and labour integration and help them get autonomy and auto determination.

What is the added value of Asociación Guaraní?

  • The elaboration of multidisciplinary routes against exclusion through comprehensive intervention plans, constant monitoring of the objectives and the results and a personalised support.
  • The extensive professional experience of more than thirty years in the immigration sector and thirteen years managing a Centre for Participation and Integration of Immigrants “CEPI” of the Community of Madrid
  • The elaboration of pre-labour skills meant to improve individual competences and the establishment of individualised insertion plan according to the specific needs of each person in active search for employment
  • The support, without any king of discrimination, of all people in vulnerable situations such as unemployed people, recipients of income and aid, immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees, families, minors and the elderly, women victim of violence, disables people.
Find out more about our project in the media channels LIME Project and follow our actions for the social and working integration of migrants!
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#LIMEstories – MEET BERTA, an educator of the LIME pilot project in Madrid who has been working with Pinardi for 7 years

5 October 2020
Listening to Berta tell the ALDA team about her role in Pinardi it is impossible not to see in her face the satisfaction she feels for her work.
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#LIMEstories – MEET MONICA AND MARGHERITA who with their great experience work in CIES to create paths of inclusion for migrants!

25 September 2020
By orienting them and giving the LIME project participants all the tools to become autonomous in facing the challenges of the outside world, Monica and Margherita work with great dedication and competence in the elaboration of processes for the integration of migrants in the labour market. However, their daily commitment takes place within the framework of a greater reasoning on the ultimate goal of the LIME project and the meaning of their interventions.
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#LIMEstories – MEET PAOLA, a Honduran girl to whom the quarantine has changed life, for the better!

21 September 2020
Paola, from Honduras, arrived in Spain two years ago and since then she has never stopped looking for opportunities to improve herself. During a pandemic that forced everyone at home, the LIME project came at the right time to change her life.
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#LIMEstories – MEET UMBA, determined and tenacious, she participates in the LIME project with a great ambition!

16 September 2020
This is the story of Umba, originally from Democratic Republic of Congo, 31 years old and mother of an 8-year-old girl, participating in the LIME pilot project in Rome. She arrived in Italy 16 years ago, after some experiences in Poland, Germany and France, she felt she had put down roots in the country where she arrived with her parents. Now, she works hard with the goal of opening an African restaurant.
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#LIMEstories – MEET ELI, a 25 years girl from Venezuela who is participating in the LIME project with positiveness and a lot of energy!

4 September 2020
Eliannys is 25 years old, she is a lawyer but she has been working in the catering sector as a waiter and cook as well as many other different positions. When she arrived in Spain her biggest challenge was not the language but a lack of money and her diploma that was not recognized. Now she is happy that LIME is helping her preparing for job interviews and developing soft skills.
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#LIMEstories – MEET ELIO, a dedicated educator of the LIME project!

26 August 2020
Elio has been working with LIME partner organization’ CIES in Rome, Italy, for almost one year and a half. He has a rich experience in working with migrants and refugees. He was engaged in integration and inclusion activities in Calabria and has worked with the European Asylum Support Office for the recognition of the refugee status.
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Get inspired!

Did you know that every two years the OECD – Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development – publish a report that examines how public policies at national, regional and local levels can support job creation, economic growth and social inclusion? The most recent publication is the fifth “The Missing Entrepreneurs” report of 2019 which analyse different ways to overcome obstacles to self-employment for disadvantaged or under-represented groups such as immigrants. Don’t miss this reading if you are interested in a good analysis of the 28 EU MS policy actions and advice on how to improve them.

In the last newsletter we invited you to donate to Refugee4Refugees campaign to support their work in the Moria Camp during the COVID-19 Pandemic. As you all well know, at the beginning of September a huge fire left more than 13 000 migrants without shelter. Now, even more than before, they all need our help. So here is a link to donate for urgent humanitarian aid and support for the vulnerable population living in the camp:

The online newspaper Nuove Radici is an interesting website where you can find many stories and insights on a positive narrative about immigration. Among them, we want to share with you the story of Mor Gueye, a boy from Dakar. When he arrived in Italy he attended a specialization course as an electrician but in reality he is a talented goldsmith. In this article you can read how the rings designed and produced by him are enjoying great success!

As the LIME project wishes to contribute to more inclusive societies, did you know that also the Council of Europe has a programme aimed at helping cities develop intercultural strategies? The Intercultural Cities Programme highlights the fact that cities can gain enormously from the entrepreneurship, variety of skills and creativity associated with cultural diversity, provided they adopt policies and practices that facilitate intercultural interaction and inclusion.
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