Association Guaraní

Guaraní NGO is an institution dedicated to the promotion of the social inclusion of migrants and other groups at risk.

Guaraní was born in 2006 and during these years has executed many public projects and programs aimed at developing social interventions to achieve social inclusion through a comprehensive methodologies and multidisciplinary approaches.

Over the last few years, Guaraní has been growing and adapting its actions in order to respond to social changes and the specific needs of its target groups. In 2016, the institution began to look to Europe and since this moment is collaborating in different transnational partnerships focused on the creation of new methodologies to contribute to achieving the priorities of the EU in the field of social inclusion.

Since 2008, Guaraní has managed a public centre financed by The European Social Fund and the government of the region of Madrid, which attends more than 4.000 people of more than 80 countries each year.

Guaraní as partner of LIME is one of the actors involved in the creation of a Spanish Cluster to promote the labour inclusion of young migrants.

Country : Madrid, Spain