Learning a Future

13 November 2019

Learning a Future

Until November 22nd, 10 young applicants for international protection of 7 different nationalities will participate in the second pilot training of the “Primera Esperiencia Professional Rifugio” of the Pinardi and Guarani Association in the framework of the European project LIME – Labour Integration for Migrants Employment.

This is an adaptation of Pinardi’s experience in the last 5 years, through the pioneering and innovative project in the field of job placement “First Professional Experience” which has already reached 425 young unemployed people who, until today, are making the leap into the world of work.

In Spain, Pinardi, has launched this initiative which consists of an intensive practical and theoretical course of cooking classes in the morning and, in the afternoon, Spanish to improve their knowledge of the language. These Spanish courses are held by professionals of the Guarani Association. In a cross-cutting way, the young people of this training, which began on October 21, received workshops on social skills, teamwork, punctuality, the situation of the labour market in Spain, etc…

“Primera Experiencia Profesional Refugio” was born with the aim of improving the job placement of this group and to motivate, towards the regular labour market, young people seeking international protection, building and promoting their professional identity or their vocation to integrate into society.

“The experience has been very positive, especially because we are working fully on all the needs of these young people,”

said Ester Briones, educational mentor of Pinardi, during the conference “the social and work integration of people seeking international protection” organized by the Coordinator of the Salesian Social Platform.