The First Coordination Meeting – The LIME partnership in Madrid!

29 October 2019

The First Coordination Meeting – The LIME partnership in Madrid!

The seven partners of the LIME project (Labour Integration for Migrants Employment) from Italy, France and Spain met in Madrid on 21st and 22nd October for their First Coordination Meeting to review together the main points of the project, discuss the results obtained so far and the future steps.

During the first day of the meeting in Madrid, each partner presented the results that have been achieved so far in the implementation of the first phase of the project, exposing the problems encountered and analysing the results of the first training courses carried out.

On the second day, the participants were divided into two groups: researchers and project managers from LUMSA, CIES and Pinardi analysed the cluster networks in Italy and Spain, while the financial and administrative managers discussed the financial instruments to be used and the distribution of the budget.

Finally, the meeting ended with the illustration of the action plan for the next few steps of the project, and the development of two pilot actions in Italy and Spain.

All partners have hence now returned to work to realise the following actions for the LIME project:

  • Workshops, programmes and materials for self-employment;
  • The continuation of L2 language courses and professionalizing courses;
  • Creation of customised integration plans and reports on the progress of Third Country Nationals in the labour market;
  • Support for the definition of a cooperative business plan.

The Second Coordination Meeting will be held in Rome in early 2020 – stay posted! Subscribe to the LIME newsletter and follow us on our website and social media channels (@LIMEproject2019) to keep up to date.