Centro Nazionale Opere Salesiane

The National Federation “CNOS-FAP” – National Centre for Salesian Works / Vocational Training – is an unrecognised Association, established on 9 December 1977, which coordinates the Salesians of Italy committed to promoting a service of public interest in the field of Orientation, Formation and Professional Development with the educational style of Don Bosco. The CNOS-FAP Federation is a non-profit organisation. The Federation’s members are the Salesian Institutions and the local and regional CNOS-FAP Associations/Federations that promote initiatives and actions of orientation and Vocational Training, especially through the multi-purpose Vocational Training Centres (VET Centres).

The CNOS-FAP Federation is present with 16 regional Delegations that contribute, in their respective territorial areas, to ensure the promotion of the training proposal, the coordination of training activities, the associative link and social representation to the national Federation.

These Delegations operate through 58 offices, called Vocational Training Centres (VET Centres), in 16 Italian regions.

CNOS-FAP Regione Lazio, our partner in the LIME project, has 3 offices in Rome and one in Ariccia (RM).

CNOS-FAP promotes:

  • Initial Vocational Training Activities for adults especially in the Automotive, Electrical, Mechanical and Graphic sectors.
  • Three-year Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses are characterised as less theoretical than scholastic ones and more in line with aspects of the working world, guaranteeing adequate basic cultural training.
Country : Rome, Italy
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