Libera Università Maria Ss. Assunta

LUMSA is a public non state university inspired by Catholic values.

Founded in 1939, it is the second oldest university in Rome. The core of LUMSA is providing a flourishing environment wherein high quality teaching and research inspire and support students in their own development.

The departments (Law, Economics, Politics, and Modern languages; Human Studies – Communication, Education and Psychology) offer a wide range of courses and conduct innovative research in several scientific domains. In Italy, LUMSA department of Law ranks fourth among the small sized universities and fifth overall; the department of Social Science ranks third among the small sized universities and fourth overall.

Interdepartmental collaboration leads to competitive interdisciplinary research involving other academic institutions, the public and private sectors, and non-governmental organisations.

LUMSA focuses on two priorities that make person the core of all its actions: providing students high quality teaching that educates them to be critical thinkers and skilled professionals; and developing innovative scientific research for the common good.

LUMSA as LIME associated is the coordinator of scientific research and it contributes to the project by analysing and assessing the system of local clustering for fostering migrants’ integration in the labour market and by defining a new method of cooperation among socio-economic private and public actors – Migrants Economic Integration Cluster.

Country : Rome, Italy
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Folco Cimagalli – Research Coordinator of the LIME Project

Filippo Giordano – Researcher

Cristiana Di Pietro – Researcher