The Confederation of Italian Cooperatives, Confcooperative, is the main organization representing, assisting and protecting the cooperative movement and Italian social enterprises by number of companies (18,500), persons employed (525,000) and turnover (66 billion euros turnover). More than 3,200,000 members are represented.
Founded in 1919, it was inspired by the social doctrine of the Church (as can be seen from Article 1 of the Statute). Because of the social function that the Italian Constitution (art. 45) acknowledges to cooperation, Confcooperative promotes its development, growth and diffusion.
Confcooperative Roma was established on 14th June 1946 as a territorial structure of Rome and the Province of Confcooperative.

In accordance with the inspiring principles, in the context of the general guidelines of Confcooperative, carries out in its territory of competence the tasks that the Confederation carries out in the national field pursuant to art. 2 of its Statute.
Confcooperative Roma, in order to represent and protect territorial cooperation more in line with the needs of the economic and social reality, has the following objectives:

  • Defending cooperation as a factor in the transformation, progress and economic development of social structures and members;
  • Promotion and dissemination of experiences and networking among cooperatives;
  • Development and promotion of new cooperative initiatives on the territory;
  • Dissemination of the ideals of the cooperative movement and the principles of cooperation;
  • Administrative, legal, financial, trade union and technical-economic assistance;
  • Training of members through specific growth paths;
  • Supervision through the tool of auditing carried out for its members, directly by Confcooperative on behalf of the Ministry of Productive Activities.

Confcooperative Roma represents 557 member cooperatives with an aggregate turnover of over 1,641 million euro, 79,310 members and 31,300 employees.
The organization of Confcooperative is divided into nine national federations of the sector.
The Federations represent for the associated cooperatives of the territory the point of reference for all the problems related to the specific activities of the various cooperative sectors.

Confcooperative FedAgriPesca is the federation of agricultural, agri-food and fishing cooperatives.
Confcooperative Habitat brings together housing cooperatives active in the field of housing services.
Confcooperative Sanità represents the cooperatives active in the social-health sector: cooperatives specialising in health care, medical, pharmaceutical and health-related mutual societies.
Confcooperative Lavoro e Servizi groups cooperatives operating in the production and work, crafts and services sectors.
Confcooperative Federsolidarietà brings together cooperatives and social enterprises active in the fields of social, health and educational services and the employment of disadvantaged people.
Confcooperative Consumo e Utenza represents the associated cooperatives that operate in the field of consumption and retail distribution, as well as in the utilities sector such as the Historical Electric Cooperatives of the Alpine Arc.
Confcooperative Cultura Turismo Sport associates cooperatives operating in various fields, all linked to the world of culture and leisure activities.
Federcasse is the federation to which the Cooperative Credit Banks belong, credit institutions distributed throughout the country, by statute committed to investing in the development of the territory from which they are born and in which they operate.

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